Welcome to Aram Seivom!

At Aram Seivom, our mission is to provide people with the opportunities and support necessary to come up in life.

We are a small group of professionals trying to do our best to lend a helping hand for the needy and deprived, in terms of money and materials. We request you to come out and provide a lending hand for this noble cause.

We would like to make it clear to our readers that "we don't collect any donations in forms of cash or cheque; we accept only materials like Notebooks, Clothes etc; that may be needed by various help-homes".

Current Project


This school takes care of 65 children all of them are physically challenged. The school provides education, food, shelter and medical support to these students for free. Due to the heavy rains, the school has been completely flooded and all the books, clothing, bedding and everything are washed out and ruined. With the help of a few good Samaritans the kids have been moved to a safer place.

They are reaching out to everyone for help and support to help these kids. We do not accept cash, checks or DD. But we do need the following list of things to reconstruct themselves. If you can please provide any of the things listed below or think that something might be useful for the school, please give us a call at the following phone number. One of our volunteers will come and collect it from where ever you are. Volunteers or anybody who can help with anything can directly contact the address above.

D. Dineshbabu
Contact No: 9884898622; 9840094084.

List of Items Needed

1. Rice
2. Salt
3. Thoor Dhall
4. Orid Dhall
5. Channa Dhall
6. Moong Dhall
7. Cooking Oil
8. Coconut Oil
9. Vanaspathi
10. Garlic
11. Tamaring
12. Sooji
13. Atta Flour
14. Semiya
15. Jaggery
16. Red Chilly Whole
17. Coriander Powder
35. Face Powder
36. Shampoo
37. Vimbar
38. Vickes (5mg)
39. Mustard
40. Methi Seeds
41. Pepper
42. Cumin Seeds
43. Bath Bucket
44. Bath Mug
45. Soap Box
46. Comb
47. Amaruthanjan Balm
48. Exam Pad
49. Cloth Washing Brush
50. Composition Note
51. Small size rulled
69. Ink Bottle
70. Unruled Paper
71. Note
72. Ruled Paper
73. Pickles
74. Dettol / Lizol
75. Broomstick / Sweeper
76. Mob / Viber
77. Mosquito Coil / Liqudater
78. Blankets
79. Pillows
80. Sleeping Mat (Paai)
81. Towels
82. Floor Mat
83. Chalk Box
84. Bleeching Powder

Donor's Info

  •  We don't accept any cash related requirements or donations from Volunteers, Help Homes and Corporates, Indiviuals etc.,
  •  Cash / Cheque in any form is not accepted;
  •  Requirements and donations, can be any of the following and not limited to, School Uniforms, Books, Pencil, Scale, Stationeries, Groceries like Rice, Dal, Oil etc;

Service Commitment

  •  Our Role:

    What we do is very simple. We act as a bridge between those in need and those who are wanted to give.

  •  What you give reaches those in need. This is our commitment.

Core Values

  •  Our Vision:
    We feel that education is the biggest tool to eradicate poverty. Our aim is to make sure that everyone as this tool to win the game of life!
  •  Our Mission:
    Providing educational and health support to those in need!