Aram Seivom was formed in 2009 by a group of likeminded professionals from various segments of society who, decided to support underprivileged children who were deprived of good quality education.

Aram Seivom is managed by a Board of Advisors headed by Mr. D. Dinesh Babu. Members of this board meet once every month to discuss the activities of the body.

We are a small group of professionals trying to do our best to lend a helping hand for the needy and deprived, in terms of money and materials. We request you to come out and provide a lending hand for this noble cause.

We would like to make it clear to our readers that "we don't collect any donations in forms of cash or cheque; we accept only materials like Notebooks, Clothes etc; that may be needed by various help-homes".

Donor's Info

  •  We don't accept any cash related requirements or donations from Volunteers, Help Homes and Corporates, Indiviuals etc.,
  •  Cash / Cheque in any form is not accepted;
  •  Requirements and donations, can be any of the following and not limited to, School Uniforms, Books, Pencil, Scale, Stationeries, Groceries like Rice, Dal, Oil etc;

Service Commitment

  •  Our Role:

    What we do is very simple. We act as a bridge between those in need and those who are wanted to give.

  •  What you give reaches those in need. This is our commitment.

Core Values

  •  Our Vision:
    We feel that education is the biggest tool to eradicate poverty. Our aim is to make sure that everyone as this tool to win the game of life!
  •  Our Mission:
    Providing educational and health support to those in need!