Get Involved

Give us a helping hand! You have the power to help children - by volunteering, speaking out and donating.

There are many ways you can do that:

As an NGO, you can be a one-stop point for sharing of information. We request you to kindly come forward and share information about people who are in need and those who want to help.
If you are a corporate, we can work together to think through how to effectively reach the under privileged children. If you already have a Corporate Social Responsibility Program then we request you to kindly add our organization a part of it.
One of the biggest challenges we face is in getting good, talented people excited about this kind of work. So if you want to be part of our team in any way, do get involved:

- If you are looking to play an important role in changing the life of underprivileged in the society. Contact Us to bring the change.

- We also welcome enterprising journalists, bloggers, social workers, technologists, and almost anybody who wants to make a difference. Please be a part of our volunteer program.

Donor's Info

  •  We don't accept any cash related requirements or donations from Volunteers, Help Homes and Corporates, Indiviuals etc.,
  •  Cash / Cheque in any form is not accepted;
  •  Requirements and donations, can be any of the following and not limited to, School Uniforms, Books, Pencil, Scale, Stationeries, Groceries like Rice, Dal, Oil etc;

Service Commitment

  •  Our Role:

    What we do is very simple. We act as a bridge between those in need and those who are wanted to give.

  •  What you give reaches those in need. This is our commitment.

Core Values

  •  Our Vision:
    We feel that education is the biggest tool to eradicate poverty. Our aim is to make sure that everyone as this tool to win the game of life!
  •  Our Mission:
    Providing educational and health support to those in need!